Ryan Mulford (b. 1987) is an American artist. He is self taught, having achieved the ability to draw photo realistically by the age of 13.

Mulford’s career began as a designer, creating award winning work for leading advertising agencies and multi-billion dollar brands. In 2010 he transitioned back to fine art.

As an artist, Mulford has developed his own unique style—appropriating imagery and redefining the context. His work can be seen as a curation of his tastes, remixing the things he likes and presenting them in his own distinct way. Often two things are happening at once, juxtaposing abstraction with representational imagery, creating a Yin/Yang energy. His work tunes into a frequency that elicits a meditative state in the viewer and allows space for them to fill in their own meaning. The final artwork is contemporary, yet timeless. It can be interpreted to represent ideas surrounding the past, celebrity, art history, philosophy and more.

He has pioneered a hybrid creative process that seamlessly blends vintage materials, modern technology, and traditional mediums.

Mulford lives and works in Northern California.